Is your child ready for Algebra?

Last year I officially became a parent of a middle schooler!  I am sure you know things changed.  I didn’t know what to except.  I think I was more worried than my son. With a year under my belt I am feeling better.  This year I have 2 in middle school.  Dre has always been very good in school but I was worried when his grades started declining.  When I say declining I mean he went from all A’s to B’s.  I know it wasn’t a big drop but I was still worried.  I even talked to his old teachers in elementary school.  They all said it was due to him adjusting and he would get back in track.  This year he started the 7th grade and is bringing his grades back to what I’m used to.   This year he started Algebra. I was so worried that he would have trouble.  I hated algebra so I knew I would be no help and I must not be alone! Almost six in ten (58%) parents confess that algebra is difficult for them to help their children with More moms than dads (60% vs. 53%) admit that algebra gives them trouble when they try to provide assistance to their kids.  However he is passing it with flying colors.

I was recently invited to try Fit 4 Algebra from Sylvan Learning in a mom central blog tour.  I was really excited that I was one of the lucky parents that got in this tour.  The Fit 4 Algebra screener helps you understand if your child is ready for algebra in the new school year through a simple screener that will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. Upon completion, you will receive an evaluation of your child’s algebra potential as well as resources to help you close gaps in ability.

Research shows that algebra is necessary not only to get into and do well in college, it also influences success in future careers. Unfortunately, one of our responsibilities as parents often involves helping our children with homework, including the dreaded math and algebra homework! Fit 4 Algebra can help you when it comes to providing your child with the assistance he/she may need academically.

When I told Dre that we got accepted he looked at me like I was crazy.  We just finished the screener. I was amazed that it didn’t take him the 20-30 that I had planned for. As I watched him take the screener I was nervous. I kept telling him to slow down and take his time.  I will be honest I didn’t know if he knew what he was doing or not.  There were a few questions I noticed he was struggling with but other than that he did perfect.   After he was done we were able to get the report.   He actually did pretty well.  After talking to him I found out that the things that he needs improving in is due to the fact his class hasn’t got that far yet. So I felt better.

Here was his results..


You’re rock solid on the skills listed below. Crank it up a notch and push yourself even further by getting more practice with these video lessons:

Decimal Operations,   Fractions


You’re on the right track. With a little more effort and extra practice, you can boost the skills identified below and get into tip top shape. Check out these video lessons to get started:

Integers , Ratios and Proportions


You may not have had enough experience with the skills identified below. Focus on practicing and stay motivated and you’ll see solid results in preparation for algebra. Click on the following links to jump start your training and get practice you need to see better results:

Comparing and Converting, Coordinate Graphing,  Geometry

This helps me as a parent know what we need to work on.  I feel really better now.  If you have a child in or about to be in algebra   you can take the screener @  To find what your child knows and needs to work on.



I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Sylvan Learning and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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