Adobe Makes Use of Digital Signatures among Other Security Features

Building secure applications is probably the top priority for a majority of software developers, and Adobe is at the top of the list of companies which are dedicated to providing secure, yet still user friendly applications. Adobe’s Acrobat X Pro line is just one in their many products which make use of the many security options out there.

Adobe has security high on their list when they create software, but they also want to make sure they make it as easy as possible for you the end user to keep your information secure.  It’s for these reasons they deploy a vast variety of security features within their software. They include such security features as encryption, digital signatures, rights management, and content redaction, as well as a cutting-edge security technique, called “sandboxing,”

When it comes to digital signatures, Adobe makes it possible to validate signatures in documents through a technique called signature validation. By utilizing digital signatures in your documents, you not only save time and money because you don’t have to purchase envelopes or stamps, but these digital signatures also help document authors and recipients can ensure that the contents of your documents are authentic. Adobe makes this an easy task within their Adobe Reader and Acrobat X Pro software.

Have you ever visited a site that utilizes flash? I’m sure you have. You know those websites that have introduction pages which show fancy images which move and all that fancy stuff. Well, flash often uses what are called a “flash cookies”, a flash cookie is a relatively new way that web sites are using to track your movements on their website, and they are storing a lot more information about you than they have done in the past with normal cookies.

Interested in learning more about protecting your computer, your applications, and your documents from malicious people’s malicious coding? Check out Adobe’s Application Security Library, where you will find things such as; technical guides, specifications, frequently asked questions, and many other resources to help protect critical applications using industry-leading application security techniques.

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