Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Children love to make homemade gifts for their dad on Father‘s Day. Here are a few Father’s Day gifts children can make at home. A parent or relative may need to help children with a few of the gifts.

The first Father’s Day gift children can make is a beaded keychain. Children can use alphabet beads, string and key rings to make a keychain that says “World’s Greatest Dad” or their dad’s first name on it.

A homemade card is a very popular idea for any occasion. Children can use paper, crayons, stickers and other craft supplies to create a unique Father’s Day card. Card ideas can range from a pop up card to a card with a photo of the family in it.

If your child is looking to make something different for their father, they can create a Father’s Day coupon book. The coupons will be made out of construction paper and markers. Coupons can include a fishing trip, homemade meal and help with a chore. The coupons can be redeemed at any time.

A homemade gift is not limited to a keychain and card. Children can help mom or another relative cook a delicious Father’s Day breakfast of cereal, toast or eggs. Why not bake a special Father’s Day cake or football shaped cookies? Dad will love sitting down to a meal or snack prepared by his children.

Creating a homemade Father’s Day gift will be fun for children and Dad will treasure his gifts forever.


  1. Mike says

    Love your idea to make homemade gifts for their dad on Father‘s Day. This is the best!