Finding the best Atlanta Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

My pets recently made a mess of my beautiful carpet, so I went off to research the best residential cleaning service in Atlanta. My priorities were finding a service that was safe for the environment and of course something that can thoroughly clean! I had friends tell me before about the inconvenience of going green, it costs too much, it doesn’t clean as well, or it that it didn’t make the house smell as fresh. Well I was committed to helping the planet so I went as green as I can go while searching for local Atlanta companies. I gave Dr Green a call, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. They gave me a free price quote over the phone and the rates they charged weren’t too bad. So I went for it and had they come over.


Technicians arrived to check my carpet. They were courteous, and knew their stuff, so I thought it can’t hurt asking them a few questions. I asked them about my friend’s concerns and they answered that these were just popular green cleaning myths. Green technology has advanced leaps and bounds, and can clean as thoroughly as the old and harmful methods, plus the price isn’t much more than the usual rate. They even told me about the “clean” smell you get after the carpet cleaner cleans is actually a chemical deodorizer that was not environmentally friendly. They showed me that they go green in other ways, by using low pressure methods instead of steam cleaning. Steam cleaning was a waste of water when there are better options available now. Well I guess those green cleaning myths are busted!


It’s nice that the technicians were available to talk to. At this point I was pretty curious as to what green cleaning actually consists of, so they walked me through their 10-step green cleaning process. It was very thorough, with a very involved pre-cleaning and pre-spraying process and a post cleaning process to make sure that everything was clean. They even offered a carpet protector to make sure my carpet lasts longer and looks better. After the cleaning, a technician walked with me to ensure that the carpet was clean, and he told me that they’ll also give me a call the next day to check if I was satisfied. Wow, all I can say is that they are very thorough in their work; offering to clean again for free if I was not satisfied is pretty nice of them as well. They were friendly, experienced and had great customer service, as well as being safe for the environment. For the service they offer, they weren’t too expensive really. I’ll definitely give them a call again.

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