Home renovations and remodeling while very popular can be very expensive. With the real estate market still struggling to make ends meet, people are just not investing in making their homes more attractive, not even to themselves. But if you look around your house right now, are you getting the feeling like it’s time for a change? Have you rocked the sterile, monochromatic mod look for a while now? While that whole stainless steel, black silver and white look may have been great to usher in the ’00s, it is not working now, and let’s be honest; it lacks the essential element of what we’ve come to rely on from our homes – warmth! Coming into the thousands meant for a lot of people that we would be shirking things that were rustic and embracing technology and streamlined inspired ways of modeling our homes and setting up our décor. The truth is the rest of the world felt that way too. You see it in the malls and shopping centers, even in bookstores and let’s not even talk about our offices.

Everything is sterile and sharp, with colors that are not necessarily muted, but don’t necessarily invoke a sense of welcoming. Since we as humans can often be band-wagonists, we’re left with homes that now too closely resemble our offices and shopping centers and for people who need to recoup, regroup and unwind at home, this monochromatic décor has proven very difficult to adjust to! This is where Cabin Fever comes in. traditionally a term used to describe a feeling of inescapable boredom and mandatory confinement, Cabin Fever in this regard is more of a welcoming or embracing of the styles that cabins have to offer. The warmth, the homeliness, the softness, the comfort. The cabin-centric interior design style is being sought after like nobody’s business right now because it is such a stark contrast to what we’ve come to accept and have in our home – cold, steely, sterile, dull.

This site is a celebration of everything cabin related and cabin-centric as far as interior design and decoration. From bed linens to even campy and fun antler themed home accessories, you can peruse for inspiration or for items that you can incorporate into your home for immediate effect. Trying to remodel your home given the current state of our nation’s economy just is not the most brilliant of ideas but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take stock of what you’d like to change and find more affordable alternatives. Even if you can’t change the tone of your entire home, why not just work on your bedroom or the room in the house that’s your favorite or in which you spend the most time. Taking the rooms bit by bit may be the most affordable way to tackle the overhaul, but it is more than worth it. One of the greatest selling points of the cabin inspired theme is that it is so flexible. You can add to it or subtract form it depending on the season. It doesn’t only have to equate a sense of warmth and the cabin motif can be embraced as cool and airy too. For the summer months, go with brighter colors in the same vein of design to give your rooms and your home a cool vacation at the lake feel.