Are you ready for Christmas!?

Wow it’s only 12 days and so many hours till Christmas! But I mean really who’s counting! This year has flown by!  I still haven’t finished all my outside Christmas decorating yet!  The inside has been done, however; my outside is looking really bare compared to my neighbors! So far all I have is the lights and garland around the porch.  The way it’s going at the moment, I really don’t think that I will be doing the yard this year after all.   I have been so busy with my son’s basketball I hardly have time for anything else.

I love the Holidays and also love to decorate.  I just don’t see the point in putting all my decorations up for 12 days however!  Next year I am going to make sure I get a head start!  I have seen many great decorating ideas this year that I can’t wait to try.  I am in love with!  At first I didn’t think I would like it now I am addicted!  I often spend hours just looking and getting craft and decorating ideas.  I also recently found another site that is similar at   Houzz is a leading destination site for home design enthusiasts.  Be sure to check it out!

I still have so much to do in the next 12 days it’s not even funny! Luckily I have most of my shopping done except for a couple of more gifts for the nieces and nephews.  Then to top that off I have no idea when our families are getting together for Christmas!  I love how they wait till the last minute to let us know!  I hope I get everything done this week since the kids last day of school is Friday!  We all know what that means!  I am hoping that they can behave and no fighting for the next few weeks but it’s going to take a miracle for that to happen!


So what do you have left to do?? Did you decorate your outside this year?

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