Easy Ways to Dress Your Little Girls Up

Finding out that one is going to be a parent is exciting. Every mother simply wishes for a healthy and intelligent child. The birth of a daughter, however, may bring thoughts of princesses and pink. One of the joys of having a little girl is being able to dress them up. There are three wardrobe must haves for every little girl:


Hats may have gone somewhat out-of-fashion for women, but not for little girls. Knit hats are extremely versatile accessories for young children. Knit or crocheted hats come in a variety of colors and shapes. They can be purchased in an affordable way, or they can be handmade. Hats in all materials are a cute modern accessory for infants and small children. At the same time, they can convey a sense of old-fashioned innocence and provide a reminder of a simpler time.

Hair Bows

Hair bows are still a must-have. A hair bow is, perhaps, the first accessory a daughter may ever have. A small pink hair bow on a newborn baby is a way of announcing to the world that it’s a girl. Hair bows, too, are extremely versatile. They can be a part of a head band or clipped directly into small wisps of hair. They can also be fastened into thick straight hair or dense curls. They can be fastened quickly, making it perfect for girls on-the-go.


Jewelry is still the standard accessory for girls and women of all ages. Jewelry is one of the most flexible accessories. Earrings can be a good option for baby girls with pierced ears. There are many simple elegant choices. LaurenKlein.com baby jewelry is both quality and affordable. Earrings can be found in many fun colors and designs. Rings, bracelets, anklets and necklaces are also all good ways to accessorize. For young girls, jewelry that has personal or religious significance is a good choice. Birth stone jewelry is a positive way to celebrate birthdays. Religious jewelry can mark special milestones in one’s faith. Jewelry in fun colors is an easy way to accessorize everyday outfits.

While girls should be encouraged in their intelligence, creativity and strength, it can be important to teach them to embrace their femininity. It is also simply fun to dress them up while they are little. Accessories, such as hats, bows and jewelry, are both traditional and modern ways for mothers to cherish the beauty of every little girl.