My child is now a Teenager-what should I expect

Raising a teenager can be quite the challenge these days and you will have to keep one step ahead of them. This is the time in their life that they slowly start to become separated from their upper authority. These may be the hardest years in your life and you will want to keep your sanity. At the same time you want your teenager to be safe as well. I have several tips that can help your teenage nightmare come to an end.


Meet Their Friends

You always want to know who your child is hanging around with. This usually is their main influence because they are with their friends as much as they can. A good way to see who they are hanging out with is to invite the friends over for dinner. Most parents like to meet the friends parents so they can keep in touch with each other. You can also let them have their friends stay the night to get to know them better.


Know Where Your Teenager Is At All Times

While letting your teenager gain some independence in the real world you will want them to be safe. They need to tell you where they are going to be at and give them a certain time to check in. Let them know that if they do not check in at that time, then there will be some type of punishment that will be given to them.


Talk With Your Teen

I know it is always hard to talk to a teenager because they think that they know more than the parents. They most definitely need to know about drugs, sex, alcohol, skipping school and taking care of a baby as a teenager. So many teens become a victim of addiction of some kind or an earlier parent. Trying to get your child to understand that is very important.



You need to make a plan ahead of time with your teenager for when a punishment needs to be made. Whether it is no computer, phone, car or whatever you choose. This way when the punishment is given to the teenager that they know what they had coming to them!

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  1. says

    I just want to say that I have detested the teenage years with my oldest. He’s 18 & about to graduate & I’m purposefully sending him of to the dorms of college, even though he’s going to school locally, b/c I don’t think I can survive having 2 teens at the same time (I have one who’s 12). Yeah, I have 4 kids & so maybe my situation is different from others…but I have to say I HATE the constant fight that has shadowed this home for the last 6 years. Rebellion, lying, cheating, sass, laziness, lack of ambition, downright meanness to his siblings. And we have been very consistent, hands-on, pro-active, and all the other stuff that you’re supposed to do. I can only hope that it will be MUCH easier with the other 3!!! Just sayin’.

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