OrthoLite Insole Review

I was recently invited to take part in a local running event with famed lifestyle runner, philanthropist and OrthoLite brand ambassador Jonathon Prince. It’s all part of Runners Exchange, a multi-city, one-mile run tour led by Prince to encourage an active lifestyle.  At each exchange, Prince will provide OrthoLite insoles to race participants and educate consumers about how the strength and cushioning of the insoles have transformed his running experience.

There was one today  in Atlanta, Georgia! But don’t worry if you can’t make it to this one there is two more scheduled Sept. 8th and Sept. 26th. To find more tours be sure to check out , I wasn’t able to make the event.  Luckily I was still able to test out the OrthoLite insoles, the leading provider of high-performance insoles.  I have tried many insoles but none have ever wowed me like OrthoLite! I was shocked at the quality of these insoles.  I admit when I received them I didn’t really think they would be any different from other brands, ladies I was wrong! I noticed the difference as soon as I put them in my shoes.

OrthoLite has become the most recognized brand of insole found in all the top brands in the shoes  like Nike, Reebook, and new balance just to name a few! Now, for the first time ever, OrthoLite insoles are available directly to the consumer. OrthoLite is made of open-cell foam that allows air to circulate which helps keep the feet cooler! I don’t know about you but I hate shoes that make my feet hot, especially when working out!  I also love that they are washable!


So, why OrthoLite?

Moisture management – The unique open cell structure of OrthoLite also creates a moisture management system inside the shoe by moving moisture away from the foot leaving foot drier. When the foot is removed from the shoe any remaining moisture dries very quickly due to the airflow allowed by the open cell network in the foam.

Long term cushioning – Our unique spring-back technology means your insole will retain over 95% of its thickness over time and won’t flatten out.

Anti-microbial agents – OrthoLite contains a patented anti-microbial formulation to fight fungus, bacteria, and odor in the shoe. The EPA/FDA approved anti-microbial is added during formulation so that it is linked to the foam and will not wear off over time.

Lightweight – OrthoLite is extremely lightweight providing optimum performance without adding weight to the shoe.

Comfort guarantee – OrthoLite prides itself on comfort. If you don’t notice an immediate difference between your new OrthoLite insole and the one you replaced, you will receive a full refund.



OrthoLite Fusion insoles are available at ortholite.com or amazon.com for $19.99


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