Revlon Expressions

One Word: Make-up.

Yes we all love the illustrious colors and are intrigued with how a make-up artist can completely transform a person, but yet we all cringe when we think of ourselves attempting, let alone mastering those beautiful looks upon our own faces. If you are like me, you tend to take the easy and safe route and only throw on some eyeliner and call it a day because of the fear of trying something different and exciting.  Maybe you are super busy and just don’t have the time to experiment and spend those extra few minutes on yourself. Sometimes we need those few minutes to ourselves to have a little fun with make-up and a camera.  Are you photo-shoot ready?

Recently I was given the opportunity to do the Revlon Expression Experiment. Upon receiving my kit my heart dropped. There were all kinds of colors that I would have never thought in a million years to try. My kit included  lipstick , Eye shadowMake up primer, and nail polish. After I put my little one to bed I had some time to myself. This was a perfect opportunity to get a little wild with some make-up and have some fun right, all in the comfort of my home.  With my camera handy and my new make-up I was ready to go! Here are some pictures of how my night went.

Starting off with my exciting day to day wear….NOT!

Now lets spice up my eyes! (530 Seductive and photo-shoot ready eye primer & brightener)

Now for some lip action hehehehe (046 Sizzle Canicule)

Change up the color (720 Fire&Ice lipstick)

Nail Time!! (005 Base Coat,090 Sorbet,010 Top Coat)

AND FOR THE FINAL LOOK (070 Cherry Tart Lip Butter,eye primer,530 Seductive,Photo-shoot ready perfecting primer)


I had so much fun doing this experiment. Revlon is such a great empowering tool for women of all kinds. So let’s see your expressions and join the delt expression movement with the Revlon Expression Experiment Facebook application!I feel better about trying new colors. It’s amazing how bright make up and a camera can make you feel like a new woman!


Kayla is our new baby editor @ Mommy’s Hangout. She is a Military wife and soon to be a first time mom of a little girl named Jazlyn Ariah. Her and her husband are currently stationed at Fort Polk, La. If you would like to reach Kayla you can email her at