What Else Can A Baby Girl Need?

As my due date gets closer and closer, I keep asking myself am I prepared, do I have everything I need, what should I pack in my hospitalbag?  All these questions are racing through my mind as I run all over the place ( ok ok waddle all over the place lol)  All I know for certain is I am ready to meet my precious little girl for the first time.  It seems like I have been pregnant forever!  I am due June 28th but my DR. told me I could go any time now.

Its crazy how spoiled babies can be even before they have arrived! Everyday I look at all the stuff she has and I simply just shake my head wondering if she even needs it or if she will even use it. Which is probably a no, but oh well im supposed to spoil her right? lol. Im still figuring out whats the best items to have and which are more of neccesties vs wants. Its so hard to bypass all of the cute baby items and its worse for girls! Geeze Louise


So please share anything you think I might be forgetting or need?!  I would also love to hear about you’reMust HAVE favorite products.

Kayla is our new baby editor @ Mommy’s Hangout. She is a Military wife and soon to be a first time mom of a little girl named Jazlyn Ariah. Her and her husband are currently stationed at Fort Polk, La. If you would like to reach Kayla you can email her at Kayla@mommyshangout.com


  1. shakilah white says

    heyy sweetie. I know your excited she will be here very soon 😉 will you ne breastfeeding, if so a bobby is perfect for support its comfy for you and baby. also lanolin is.perfect for sore nipples. you are going to love motherhood, so very happy for you……..

  2. says

    Hey Shakilah! first off congrats again on baby Austin he is so precious. I plan on breastfeeding and I actually ended up getting the boppy that you can actually strap the baby in so she wont slip out. Im so ready for her to come. I can barely walk. :(

  3. shakilah says

    Thank you so much, and thats great those work really good, and im sure you cant wait i was just saying that about having austin and it seems like time is going in slow motion when your pregnant, i thought he will never come lol then my water broke 2Days beore his due date, but she will be here before you know it she is going to be so beautiful!! i love this page by the way.

    • says

      I swear the closer I get the further away it seems. It’s like ok come on. Hopefully she comes either before on her original due date which was the 19th rather than the 28th. Crossing my fingers lol.

  4. says

    All you really need is bibs, onesies, and diapers. Blankets are pretty important too, but honestly a towel could easily replace it if necessary. Nursing tanks are also pretty helpful. Enjoy your baby now and on that blessed birth day.