Zombie Proofing Your Home

Yesterday I came across a cute infographic called “Zombie Proofing Your Home“.

Ultimate Guide To Zombie Proofing Your Home (And Staying Alive)

I had to share it with my son since he is always playing crazy games that contain Zombies. He thought it was super cool. However, I am not really into the whole “zombie” thing! So of course I would do anything to Zombie proof my home.  I admit they freak me out and i am old enough not know they are not even REAL LOL!


  1. says

    That is priceless! I can’t believe how everyone is so into zombies these days. I work with 3 guys and they all are huge ‘Walking Dead’ Fans and are always talking Zombies. I’ll have to get a copy of this. They seriously strategize about what they would do if the zombie apocalypse comes.