Finding the perfect home office chair


Being someone who works from home, being comfortable while I work is extremely important. It’s no fun sitting in front of a computer all day when your back hurts. Now that I have finally purchased a desk for my computer, the next step would definitely be an office chair. There are many different styles of office chairs available. I think office chairs that are adjustable would be best option. I know that if I buy an office chair that I would sometimes lose it to the mister. Therefore, having an adjustable office chair so we could adjust it according to each of our needs would be best. That way neither of us ends up being uncomfortable.

I won’t lie, sometimes I like to feel important. So, I have also been looking at the home office manager chair styles as well. I like the high-back executive style office chairs the best. However, the mister has expressed his interest in other styles. So, this would probably be something we would have to compromise about. I am okay with that. All I care about is getting a comfortable office chair.  I started looking at some other very different styles that would be classified as modern office chairs. Surprisingly, there are some that I actually liked. I like to be different, but not too different. The mister and I both really liked one that was inspired by Jeep. However, then the mister found one that was inspired by Hemi. He expected it to have a pretty hefty price tag, but to our surprise it was actually pretty cheap in comparison to what we were expecting.

Now that some research has been done on office chairs, we just have to choose. It’s all something the mister and I will have to discuss and come to an agreement on. I have a feeling that one of the more modern styles will find its way into our home.