UNO Roboto ‘House Rules’ (Review)



It’s no secret that this family is very competitive in anything that we do.  We also love having family game nights on the weekend.  When I was invited to have a UNO Roboto ‘House Rules’ party, I jumped at the chance.  We love UNO! I mean who doesn’t? UNO has been connecting generations of game lovers and families for 40 years and to mark the brand’s anniversary this year, Mattel introduces a totally new way to play UNO

I decided that I would invite my niece and nephew over to join in the fun. Everyone was excited and ready to play.  Of course everyone was talking noise and thinking they were going to win.  However feelings changed fast!!  Little did they know UNO Roboto brings a fun and interactive spin to the game by allowing players to completely customize their gameplay experience. Players record their names and a “house rule,” then UNO Roboto acts as emcee throughout the game by randomly selecting the sequence of players’ turns and house rule challenges, adding new elements of speed and change of direction to the game. The “house rule” was one of my favorite parts; it lets you pick really funny and goofy things to do at unexpected times of the game such as Cluck like a chicken, do a hula dance, sing row, row ,row row your boat and the list goes on!

I also loved that when you least except it you get ordered to trade your cards with a certain player.  Talk about some upset kids!! My son had 1 card left and had to trade with my nephew who had 5!  My son had no luck in this game. We played 5 straight games and he felt he was being cheated each game.  My nephew was very lucky winning 4 games leaving princess Jada winning one.

This has to be one of the best games ever!  After we decided to leave the “party” the kids continued to play. I don’t know how many more games they played but, my son was not giving up till he least won one! If you are looking for the perfect family game then UNO Roboto is a must!! It would make a perfect Christmas gift this year.  Toys ‘R’ Us has it for only $24.49!!  You will have hours of fun time and time again! Mattel is also having a promotion with Toys ‘R’ Us for a free Shutterfly photo album with any games purchased between now and the end of the year.

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*I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of UNO Roboto and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate*

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