WACKYwalk’r is a must have for all dogs and dog owners!


As many of you know my dog Marley is the king of the house!  He is spoiled beyond words!  However, walking him used to be a chore!  Everyone used to fuss about whose turn it was to walk him! He was always getting away!  No matter what leash we used he always managed to get loose!  I am sure you can guess what that means!  Down the street he goes!  I am glad to say NOT ANYMORE!  Thanks to WACKYwalk’r!

WACKYwalk’r is especially great for kids who are yanked and pulled as they try to walk the dog! This new leash is relieving the constant neck strain dogs experience from pulling the leash! WACKYwalk’r makes it easy to take longer walks.  Made with 100% natural rubber tubing, WACKYwalk’r makes a walk more comfortable for both the dog and owner with less jerking and pulling.  Marley seems to even love his new leash!  Trust me this is a FIRST! I am amazed how much difference a leash can make!   I always was worried when the kids walked him because they always had to yank or pull him.  Not anymore!  To be honest he doesn’t even try to run away or pull them anymore.

I love the fact that it comes with a traffic handle for extra control when needed (no more wrapping your hand around the leash)  The WACKYwalk’r products relieve stress and encourages your dog not to pull by providing gentle self-correction. You can’t get any better than that!  The price is a little higher then I have been paying for leashes but SO WORTH IT!   Prices start at 26.99 for the urban WACKYwalk’r  and 30.99 for the WACKYwalk’r .

I urge all dog owners to get one of these! This leash is A MUST!  (And you KNOW, I don’t say that much) We are giving these leashes two thumbs up in the Williams household!!


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