How to keep your Teenagers active this summer

Summer is here and many teenagers think it is a time to lie in their rooms and sleep the time away. They seem to feel that life revolves around their beds, their cell phones and the computer. Instead, it is a great time to encourage your teenager to be active in the community.

Parents should require teenagers to be active in the community. Many organizations rely on volunteers to provide many community services. Encourage your teenager to get involved with one of these organizations. Some suggestions include helping at the local libraries reading programs, serving meals at a homeless shelter or helping deliver meals on wheels. While the teen may be hesitant to begin with, they will soon discover that they feel better about themselves when they are helping others.

For some teens, summer is all about camping. There are camps available with special themes. Choose a camp that caters to the interest of your teen. Some possible themes include weight loss, computer camp and space camps. For low-income families, often there are scholarships available to help cover the costs of these camps. Teens, as young as 16, can often find a job helping at a summer camp.

For other teens, summer is about traveling. This gives the teen an opportunity to see things they will not see the rest of the year. Some teens enjoy traveling with their families, while other teens enjoy traveling with a group of teens. Look for a trip that is well chaperoned and has experience catering to teens. Some trips allow teens to travel to exotic locations to delve into a specialized interest. Others combine traveling with community service.

Summer is also a great time to be physically active. Encourage your teen to take lessons in their favorite sport or learn to play a new sport. Many teens find that they find a new passion while playing a summertime sport.

Summer for teens is also a great time to take classes. Colleges often offer specialized classes during the summer months. Let your teen take a class or two in a topic that interests them. This is a great opportunity to learn about college life in a fun atmosphere.