Fattest Mom in the Nation

This is the 2nd time I got this pitch and I am sure most of you know I don’t post just any story, item or press that comes to me. This one I had to post!   I am in shock and after doing more reading I am actually interested in this.

If you haven’t Heard Donna Simpson is on a mission to become the fattest mom in the nation! Wow talk about something to be proud of it!  She’s reached 700 lbs, while continuing her quest to be “the fattest woman in the world”, weighing in at 1,000 lbs. Now, world-renowned weight-loss expert Dr. Sanford Siegal has decided to dig into his own pocket to pay Donna the sum of $50,000 if she agrees to stop gaining and start losing. He is paying her to save her life, and sent her a certified letter today stating this. Dr. Sanford Siegal, a practicing physician in South Florida is  best known as the creator of the popular Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET® weight-loss system and foods

I am just in shock anyone would actually want to be morbidly obese. If you talk to most people about obesity they will tell you they actually hate being that way.  Not this woman!  Skeptics, me included feel that Money and attention is Donna’s real motive for pulling this weight gain stunt in the first place!  However if she wants the real money she is going to have abide by rules in order to score Dr. Sanford Siegal’s $50,000.


  • $10,000 to IMMEDIATELY stop trying to gain weight and agree not to resume doing so in the future
  • begin a weight-loss diet under a doctor’s supervision
  • the remainder of the $50,000 will be paid in stages as Donna loses weight
  • $10,000 for every 100 pounds Donna loses until she reaches 200 pounds, at which point she will have received a total of $50,000.

In Dr. Siegal’s opinion Donna Simpson is committing a prolonged suicide. Human beings are not made to weigh 1,000 pounds – let alone consume 12,000 calories a day (Donna’s minimum intake)! Donna has children and a husband who she should be thinking of spending a long life with not shortening her minutes by each bite she takes…  I found this all so sad and I agree that what she is doing is suicide. I just want to know if she is even thinking about her family!

You can read more about this @

But looking more into the “cookie diet” Do you think this really works?  I am not sure but I am very Interested to see how this plays out!

SO Talk to me!  Tell me your thought’s on this woman, and this diet!

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  1. Hazel says

    Wow. That is crazy. I can’t believe someone would do that! I do agree with what he said though, it’s like she is committing a slow suicide. I hope she snaps out of it AND gets $50k for that horrible decision! I don’t think it’s possible for her to have her family in mind, at all. She’s risking so much and for what? Nothing that benefits her family, that’s for sure.

    On the cookie diet, I dunno about all that. Not sure I would feel right eating cookies like that! If it works, then hey, that’s really all that matters anyway :)
    .-= Hazel´s last blog ..Baked Vegetables =-.

  2. says

    I’m with Jammie on this one. There are some other issues here. The thought of her being a mom & a wife is also saddening. I have to look up the cookie diet. This is my first time hearing about it.

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