Get a tighter stomach with the Flex Belt


Losing weight, gaining muscle, and getting your body into or back into shape can be a harrowing experience. The fat saturated weight might come off, but sometimes it seems like it comes off in all the wrong places. The stomach or abdomen to me appears to be one of those spots where it’s the hardest to get rid of the excess baggage. The Flex Belt seems to be a product which can help elevate most if not all of the problem.

No more excuses for getting into shape. You can use The Flex Belt anywhere. It claims that it will do all the work for you. You don’t have to worry about your exercise form or anything. Just put it on and go about your daily routine and let it work for you.

Whether you’re new to The Flex Belt, or a seasoned pro, everyone can use it. This is because you can adjust the intensity of the belt from 1 to 150. That’s a really big range. You can use the belt during your current exercise regime if you have one, you’ll simply be enhancing your exercise.

The Flex Belt is the result of years of research and has been indorsed by many, including Jerry Rice, retired all-pro wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks It’s concept is relatively simple.  The Flex Belt has three medical grade Gel Pads, These pads cover the abdominal and oblique muscles. Electric signals from The Flex Belt reach out to the nerves. These nerves branch out to the entire abdominal muscle system. The signal tells the muscles to relax and contract, just as if the muscles were being used to perform a crunch or a sit-up. How fantastic is that. You get the advantages of doing crunches without actually doing them.

The Flex Belt sells for $199.00 which might sound a little high at first, but it’s not unattainable by most, and it seems like its well worth the expense.

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  1. Natalie says

    Have you had a chance to use this product? My abs are
    definitely one of my problem areas, so the Flex belt sound
    like an ideal product for me to use.

    Thanks for pointing it out to me!