Does Sensa Work for Weight Loss?

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Weight loss requires a goal and an action plan to get rid of those excess pounds. Losing weight is harder for women because they have slower metabolisms, and it is even more challenging for new moms who have extra baby fat. Shedding weight doesn’t happen overnight, so you can forget those fad diets that promise results within days of trying a certain product or method.

Instead, women should consider the Sensa Weight-Loss System. It promotes healthy eating and smaller portion sizes to help you lose weight gradually (i.e. the healthy way). There are several reasons why the Sensa plan works for weight loss that you should consider before trying. This system offers real results for people who want to get healthy but don’t want to completely change their lifestyles.

Portion Control

Americans eat way too much food, and moms are especially notorious for eating astronomically large portions. Eating between baby feedings, diaper changes and playtime causes you to chow down way too fast. When you eat this fast, you are likely to eat more because your olfactory senses don’t have a chance to tell your brain you’re full. At the same time, you may not eat enough in the mornings but end up binge eating at night. The good news is that Sensa can help you take control of these bad eating habits by naturally engaging your sense of smell.

Calorie Deficits

Eating less food means that you consume fewer calories. The Sensa Weight-Loss System makes this all possible by activating your sense of smell with a powder that you sprinkle on your food. This powder contains appetite-curbing crystals that help tell your brain you’re full after eating a reasonable amount of food. Most people can’t detect these signs on their own, so Sensa is a tremendous help in that respect. As you eat fewer calories every day, this adds up to weight loss overtime. In fact, you will lose one pound of body fat per every 3,500 calories lost.

Eating Advantages

The Sensa Weight-Loss System may help you control your portions, but it doesn’t restrict the foods you eat. While it makes sense health-wise to eat more nutritious foods, the fact is that you won’t be perfect all the time. There may be days when all you have time to eat is some macaroni and cheese or chicken nuggets with the kids, and you can still diet with Sensa this way. The key is to limit the portions on all the foods you eat, especially the ones that aren’t so diet-friendly. This weight loss plan fits into the lifestyles of busy moms, rather than posing restrictions that you simply don’t have time to conform to.

Real Results

Sensa works in a variety of weight loss plans because the product provides real results. The system is a modern take on tried and true methods of weight loss. Share your Sensa success stories and view others’ on Twitter: @SensaWeightLoss. Also don’t forget to try a 30-day sample of Sensa free of charge.