Sweeping Saturday 04/19/2014

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weekend Barbeque

How To Cook A Roast On A BBQ

The classic Sunday roast is a staple in most households; bringing the family together for quality time whilst indulging in a delectable assortment of meat. While one would normally cook a roast in the oven, the barbecue is great alternative for producing a juicier and richer kind of meat. Cooking a beef, lamb or chicken roast is slightly different to the way you’d cook in your regular oven. There is no difference in the way you prepare your meat, the only variance is that you will be using indirect cooking rather than the direct cooking experienced in an oven. Simply speaking, indirect cooking means that there is no heat directly under the meat while it cooks, ensuring that the bottom section of the meat doesn’t burn. If you’re planning on roasting in a BBQ, follow these simple tips for a tender, perfectly cooked piece of meat. Cooking on a hooded BBQ As mentioned earlier, the idea … [Read More...]

Car Insurance Agents Atlanta

5 Things That Can Raise Car Insurance Rates

One financial writer described a car wreck as a one-two punch. The collision happens first, and a higher insurance premium is the second blow. This is how things work in the insurance industry. Most drivers understand that some things can cause their insurance rates to rise. Causing an accident, getting a traffic ticket and adding a young male driver to the policy are obvious examples. There are times, however, when a higher premium can surprise them. In reality, car insurance premiums can increase for a number of reasons. An agent may forget to explain some of the reasons, or a consumer may forget them over time. Here are five uncommon reasons for rate hikes, and how consumers can prevent them. 1. Older Age – Turning 50 can be hard on the psyche and the wallet. According to some insurance agencies, people over 50 are “older” drivers who are more prone to accidents. Not every … [Read More...]


Sweeping Saturday 04/12/2014

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#JustBrewIt with Keurig® K65 Special Edition Brewing System

  I hate to admit but I just started drinking coffee this year! My parents and grandparents always had a cup of coffee in their hands when I was younger. I remember one day I tasted it and UCK I never tried it again till here recently.  I was shocked that I actually liked it and trust me I had my doubts but as an adult I wanted to least try to see what all the hype was about.  Then I started researching single cup coffee makers. I will be honest I was overwhelmed with all the different coffee makers on the market. I had no clue what to really look for since this was all new for me.  However, I noticed that one common brand everyone seemed to be recommending was Keurig!  I read review after review and always wished I would be one of those lucky bloggers to receive one as a review.  But to be honest I couldn’t wait any longer I needed a Keurig in my life and I needed it now! I was … [Read More...]