Polly Pocket new and improved!

As many of you know by now princess Jada loves doing reviews. So when we were picked to do the Polly pocket review from mom central she was super excited! She has always loved the Polly Pocket line.  I remember also playing with them when I was young!  It’s one of those toys that always bring memories back when I see them.

As we all know Polly Pockets allows girls to transform ordinary situations into extraordinary adventures with encouraging creative and imaginative play. Let’s face it with so many kids’ playing video games and using other technology as entertainment kids don’t play with toys like we used to growing up! With Polly Pocket’s new line of small dolls and play sets that recently came out they continue to offer delightful and unexpected surprises. In response to feedback from moms and girls, the popular doll line now features a new Stick ‘n’ Play innovation – suction components that ensure a Polly piece won’t get lost again. Girls can enjoy the pint-sized fun at home or on the go as you head hit the road for summer travel!

Jada asked me every day when her package was going to arrive. All I could say soon. One afternoon I heard a knock on my door. I was surprised it was my neighbor, holding a box! Come to find out UPS left our box at her house! Luckily they brought it to me because Jada was really driving me crazy everyday waiting for her Polly Pockets! When I told her what it was her face lit up.

The box included the Polly Pocket Hangout House Playset


and  the Polly Pocket Stick N Play Room Assortment of the Patio.


She couldn’t wait to play with it.  She played with it the whole afternoon. To be honest I actually thought the excitement would wear off. You know how kids are! However, she has played with them every day since! Jada loves her dolls and playing dress up but I admit technology in this house has taken over. I noticed she don’t really “play” as much as my other kids did. So I am super happy that she is loving these new Polly pocket toys! She has even started saving up her allowance to buy more so she can add to her collection.

Jada’s Words

 I love Polly pockets. They are really fun to play with.  Now i want to get the POLLY POCKET™ DRESS-UP PARTY™ Dolls and the Rollercoaster Resort.

My Final Thoughts

As a parent, I love them. I love anything that allows my children to use their imagination. I really think we should bring back all the toys that we as children used to play with. Kids need more real PLAY TIME!  I also love the improvements that have been made.  The suction feature is genius! Do you know how many pieces I used to lose when I was a child! I am kind of Jealous that all my favorite toys are new and improved!

Do I plan to buy more



You can find Polly pockets almost anywhere! But here are a few places online. shop.mattel.com, Amazon.com and of course Toys R Us


*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Mattel Polly Pocket. I received a product samples and a promotional item as a thank-you for participating*

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